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Secure A Stable Financial Future As >>> Certified Educator!

Join our certification program to gain the competitive edge and position yourself for higher earning potential!  Embark on the transformative journey creating new potentials to shape minds and build bright futures! 


"Education is the key to empowering individuals to reach their full potential..." 


Choose the option that best suits your goals below:

Program 1: CREAM of Crop Educator Training

The CREAM of Crop Educator Training program is a comprehensive 2 to 3-day course designed to equip aspiring educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective leaders in their field. Throughout this program, participants will develop expertise in understanding their audience, honing their training techniques, and creating riveting outlines for educational sessions.


This program provides a deep dive into various subjects related to industry education curriculum, unlock opportunities to work with traditional schools, government agencies, and manufacturers. Participants will learn how to select the perfect educational resources and tailor their teaching methods to engage and inspire their audience. By the end of the training, attendees will be well-prepared to deliver impactful education and make a positive impact in education.

Participants in the CREAM program will receive:

1. Introduction Meeting

2. Leadership training

3. Audience understanding and engagement techniques

4. Skills to create riveting outlines for educational sessions

5. Education opportunities unlocked

6. 2 to 3-day training program focused on crop education


Program 2: Ultimate Educator Crossover

The Ultimate Educator Crossover program is an extensive training experience that encompasses all the elements of the CREAM of Crop Educator program and goes even further. In addition to covering the core components of option 1, this program offers an array of additional benefits.


Participants in the Ultimate Educator Crossover program not only gain expertise as educators but also have the opportunity to become dual licensed in a related field of their choice. This allows them to expand their professional horizons and pursue diverse career paths.


Moreover, this program includes a dedicated teacher training job, where participants spend one day per week for 5-12 weeks honing their skills in a classroom setting. This hands-on experience provides invaluable practical knowledge and allows educators to refine their teaching techniques under the guidance of experienced mentors.


The Ultimate Educator Crossover program offers a comprehensive and immersive training experience that can span anywhere from 3 to 24 months, depending on the individual's pace and specific goals. By the end of this program, participants emerge as highly skilled educators with a broad range of qualifications and a heightened ability to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

Participants in the Ultimate Educator Crossover program will receive:


1. All benefits of the CREAM of Crop Educator program

2. Dual licensing in a related field of choice

3. Teacher training job 1 day per week for 5-12 weeks

4. Practical experience in a classroom setting

5. Training duration ranging from 3 to 24 months

7. Opportunity to have your own education business

8. Curriculums  

7. Attire


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